Lori Boess
Lori Boess, Artist

     I was raised in the Northwest area of Washington State.  I spent my childhood loving the land, respecting all that the Earth had to offer.  I found great solace in the oceans, mountains, lakes and streams.  Everywhere I looked there was magic in nature.  Each tiny rain drop, dew on spider webs, impressions in the sand as the tide made it's way to the shore, held my attention.  There was nothing that escaped my awareness in the outdoors.  I grew up outside in the wilderness.  I especially loved the saltwater beaches, and outer coast oceans.  I backpacked from La Push to Neah Bay taking in the extreme beauty of the rugged Northwest coast.  I forded the Ozette River and camped at Yellow Banks.  The eagles, otters, osprey and blue heron were my friends.  
     I was gifted with inner sight from an early age.  I thought everyone could see the things I could see.  I watched the auras around trees and plants.  Sometimes I saw people who were from the other side.  I would occasionally "know" if someone was ill or not long for this world.  I had no idea what to do with all this information.  It would take me years to understand it all.  As a child it was overwhelming.  I didn't believe anyone would understand so I kept it to myself.
     Eventually, I would meet my first teacher in my late 20's. At last life as I knew it would make sense.   I also began to dream about regalia.  I had no idea what spirit was showing me.  I reached out to my teacher for answers.  She was able to give me guidance about what to do.  I began to create the things I dreamed about.  I made my first set of regalia with turkey feathers and leather.  I asked an Elder to make moccasins for me.  She said "I know which design it is old and I have not made that one in a long time".  I had met her at the Chief Leschi Pow Wow in Seattle.  I longed to dance in the pow wow.  I didn't see anyone dancing the way I was told to dance in my dreams.  
     My teachers taught me to build a sweat lodge, to make a sacred fire with stone people.  They taught me to make medicine rattles, fans, and drums.  I always bless the things I create and thank the spirits for the animal hides, furs, claws, and antlers used in my art.  
     I am still a dreamer.  The Creator comes to me in my dreams bringing messages.  There are times that I will sit with the information for a long time before I know what it is for or who needs the medicine.  I pray with the animals for the wellness and health of all beings.  I pray for peace on Earth in my lifetime.  
     I appreciate all my teachers two leggeds, and four leggeds.  Many Blessings, and thank you for reading.

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