Lori Boess
Lori Boess, Artist

Lori Boess was raised in the Pacific Northwest.  She was blessed with Grandparents on both sides which nurtured her love of Nature and were a prominent foundation for Lori's life. In the company of these Elders Lori learned all things come from our Mother Earth.  She learned to be respectful, honoring all life and the cycles of change.  Leave things better than you found them was a prominent teaching in regards to walking softly here on Earth.  Lori received a horse on her 11th birthday, this was an important source of stability going into her teenage years.  

Lori attended her first Pow Wow in 1990 with a friend. The dancers began to enter the arena as Grand Entry came in to the sound of the drums.  Lori was moved to tears coming from deep down inside.  An ancient grief was loosened from Lori's heart.  A longing, unnamed would be uncovered by the singers and the rhythm of the dancers.  Years later Lori would discover the origin of her Native American heritage.  

At this time, Lori was introduced to Grandmother Berniece Falling Leaves Crowfoot.  She became a student of this beautiful Lakota/Danish Elder.  Under Grandmother's watchful eye Lori was finally able to bring all her knowings, intuition, and teachings together.  Being witnessed by this wise one brought a deeper understanding and confidence to Lori's path.

A new road of knowledge began as Grandmother taught her the power of prayer, the right use of will, and the power of positive intention in the service of others. Lori learned the preparation of the sweat lodge, drum making, earth weaving, fire ceremony, prayer and other metaphysical teachings. These teachings became the foundation for her walk on the Red Road.

Lori has been personally trained in the art of Drum Making, Sweat Lodge, Fire Tending, and Alchemical Healing. She is a Massage Therapist and Reiki Master.

Lori is also involved in two women's communities, Women's Summer Solstice and Woman's Way Long Dance. Each of these respective communities supports women's spirituality through honoring our elders, living in integrity, mentoring, ceremony and intentional prayer.

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